Who is mickey rourke dating now 2016

It was not done purely for the looks, he had some trouble breathing as well.

He needed to do a facelift, because his skin looked really ruined, but the doctor botched that operation as well, leaving him looking like the plastic man.

Even after winning all six professional matches, his face was ruined, and he turned to plastic surgery, seeking of results.

First surgeon was not very good, so he had to turn to other ones.

Mickey fought great, had a good record, but after a series of devastating blows, and a couple of concussions, he decided to throw in the towel, and later went on to acting.

A smart decision, it seems, as it brought his net worth up to million.

The surgeon left his face a mess, and many other surgeries had to ensue, in order to look normal again.

He later returned to acting, having some major roles and winning multiple awards. star decided to return to that difficult time in her life in support of a bill that would help victims of sexual assault worldwide.Many fans suspected that Wood was referring to Rourke, who was accused of abusive behavior by his wife of six years, model  Carré Otis. (The actor has admitted to being sexually abused by his stepfather.)" data-reactid="12" star decided to return to that difficult time in her life in support of a bill that would help victims of sexual assault worldwide.They stretch across his whole torso, and has a couple on the arms as well.Among them there is a cross, some memorial tattoos, Native American tattoos and tribal.Return to Looking Good Again Not only boxing, but the consummation of alcohol and possibly drugs, left Mickey Rourke looking old and washed up.But from the looks of things, his best years are ahead of him.He has been dating a young model since 2009, so do not feel bad for him.Maybe this is what pushed him to have a couple more procedures, which helped mend the damage done by boxing and incompetent doctors.At least in the movies, he could always play mean guys without the danger of getting hurt.The rumors are that Mickey Rourke had surgeries mentioned below.

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