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Using the same example again, we often overestimate our abilities to drive safely yet driving is permitted. If I had pre-marital sex resulting in a child, and I take care of the child better than the average married couple, I don't see why i should be punished at all.

While there are certain policy considerations that can be looked at for why this is so [for example: it's better to raise children within a family unit than to have many illegitimate children within the society, sex is something sacred and should be exclusive to a marital relationship, etc.Sadly, one day, my friend told me that he's Muslim and he can't date girls because of his religion and that he wouldn't go against. What It's Like Being Israeli Stereotyping Isn't All That Bad Why "The Problem is Toxic Male Masculinity" is Wrong 10 Striking Differences Between Indian Culture and Western Culture Questions Girls Have For Girls...(I'm not Muslim by the way) but is that why he can't date me? I really really like this one Muslim boy and he always stares and smiles at me when I'm looking the other way.Whenever our eyes meet, we stare at each other for what seems like imfinity.There's a hadith that states "When a (marriageable) man and a (marriageable) woman are alone together, the devil is the third." Guys and girls loving eachother spending time alone and unsupervised can lead to bad things and should be avoided, even if we all like to think we can enjoy ourselves.When you say alone, do you mean alone in a room with no one else? Also, shouldn't there be some kind of optimization between how much we enjoy ourselves and how much risk we're taking?I really just actually mean spend time with somebody. So if I dated someone without having sex, would that be okay?Yes, provided you didn't spend time with her alone, which is generally regarded as impermissible.Just curious, if there is some balance between how relaxed and how strict, shouldn't there be more considerations than a blanket ban on men and women being alone together?For example I can see why it is a very bad idea for very young and inexperienced men and women to be alone together as they might do something they will regret; but what about very old and mature people being together in a room?

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