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She is a former member of the girl group Danity Kane, with Shannon Bex, Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, and D. However, she said that she meets many Latinos who say they can not speak Spanish, and she can relate to them. It seems like the parents don’t teach their children spanish because of their low self esteem. Those of you who are ashamed of it, change your name to something like Smith of Jones.

She stated in an interview that she can not speak Spanish.

I for one am proud her parents did the right thing as the THIRD generation of immigrants to AMERICA raised her right as an AMERICAN!!! Either become a REAL AMERICAN or GET OUT SIMPLE AS THAT! Log in to Reply hey i don’t wanna split hairs or be disrespectful here but if the girl is 4th generation american, then spanish is hardly her “native” tongue. Spanish was something that was just not spoken in my home. you are a disgrace by saying that and making all the rest of us hispanics look ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!! that should really be all that matters Log in to Reply i think its a shame and a disgrace that she cannot speak spanish even if she is fourth generation mexican i have nephews that are 4th generation spanish and they all speak spanish, pathetic.

You dont get to have our rights and freedoms and money if you dont want to be a real American. Log in to Reply I agree that it’s unfair to judge someone for not speaking Spanish, but it’s ridiculous to suggest that in order to be a “real American” you need to be monolingual and shouldn’t speak any other language besides English. being 4th generation means that no one in her direct line of the family tree has lived in mexico since her great-great grandparents. That DOES NOT make anyone pathetic because they do not know spanish and are hispanic, i think it is pathetic for people to judge others and shows what kind of people they are. Log in to Reply do you know everything about your past? if you’re not raised with that as a major part of your childhood you really can’t be expected to know it, but does that really make you pathetic?

tour starts up again May 18 at the the City National Grove of Anaheim in California and continues through early June.

Danity Kane's Aundrea Fimbres announced she's engaged and leaving the group to start a family during their kick-off #DKNo Filter Tour performance in San Francisco, Calif., on Friday, May 16.

She is a high-pitched and was recognized for her charismatic singing runs and falsetto recorded harmonies and furthermore for having the maximum voiced choice of her colleague group members. Aundrea commenced strapping out songs at the time she started to talk.

Again with the same suggestion came the rumor of her pregnancy that she was seen with a bulging stomach walking with her husband. Fimbres has admitted in several interviews that she doesn’t prefer to wear shoes so we can see her either in sandals or barefoot.

And I just wanted you guys to know from me." PHOTOS: Reality TV bombshells in 2005, brought her step-daughter on stage during the emotional goodbye, but reassured fans that now former bandmates Aubrey O' Day, Dawn Richard, and Shannon Bex had a bright future. On May 15, they dropped their single "Lemonade," which Fimbres was seemingly absent from.

Fimbres was a part of the pop melody group named Danity Kane.

Her personal life details are not disclosed to the public.

She has always maintained a distance between her personal life and the public.

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